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Redaction of pictures


Pictures are by default redacted and anonymized when you upload a document to Cleardox. If you want to keep the pictures in the PDF you will have to tell Cleardox what pictures to keep. 

Why doesn´t Cleardox keep the pictures "as-is"? This is a security meassure, since including all pictures in advance could potentially lead to a leak of information. 

When you import a PDF into Cleardox all pictures will be shown in a partially transparent version. Simply click on the picture you want to keep and Cleardox will guide you. Once you click "keep" the transparency is removed. If the same picture occurs more than once, Cleardox will recognize that and keep or redact the picture throughout the document. 



How to partially redact a picture? 

If you want to redact just part of the picture choose the other symbol shown above. Then choose to black line the redacted part or replace it with something else by assigning it to a specific category and subcategory. 

Before partial redaction

After partial redaction

Se how it works in our video redaction tool tip

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