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What it means to be a DPO- the inside stories are soon coming up...

How does an everyday life of a DPO look like? And how are they coping with the challenge of implementing GDPR in their organisation? From handling data requests from users, working with data processing agreements, getting approval from users, redacting and anonymizing documents, data requests, training the organisation, getting management buy-in and much more.

At Cleardox we want to understand how a DPO operates, what tools they are using (from email encryption systems to software redaction tools), what they are struggling with and what we can learn from them so that other DPOs can learn from them.

Therefore, over the next year we will be visiting companies of all sorts and talk to their DPOs. The purpose is to share experiences so that other companies and their DPOs can learn from one another.

One the biggest challenges the DPO faces today is to get hands on advice on what to do and how to most efficiently implement GDPR. Through our inside stories with DPOs we will uncover tips and best practices that we can all learn from. And hopefully, also get a little inspired in the process.

So let´s gets hands on!

We´ll kick start the serie with an exciting story from Lyng who works as a DPO for the health tech company: Emento

Stay tuned!

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