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Prices - Cleardox redaction tool

Choose a package that fits with your organization´s redaction need. Or choose a bespoke enterprise solution that is catered to your exact need. Start redacting documents today with Cleardox´s  redaction tool. 


€ 0

Count for one year

Anonymize one document at a time

Anonymize up to 10 pages per document


Access to all functions and modules as in paid version


€ 135

per user / month

14 day free trial

Unlimited usage per user

 Redaction assistant

Intelligent redaction

Smart replacement

Cleardox collaborate

Bulk documents



Unlimited use

Please contact for more info

Unlimited users


Integration to document system


Unlimited usage per user


Redaction assistant


Intelligent redaction

Smart replacement

Cleardox collaborate

Bulk documents


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Automatisk anonymisering

The redaction assistant makes it fast and easy to redact without any slip ups. Cleardox's redaction assistant ensures that the redacted content is approved by the user. The assistant guides the user through the document and presents the user for the identified content one by one (names, companies, social security numbers etc.) The assistant categorizes the redacted content and shows where it is otherwise found in the document. The user can then approve or reject the content and move on to the next identified word in the document.

With the intelligent redaction module Cleardox automatically finds content in the document. Stop spending time manually looking for words that should be redacted. Cleardox automatically finds it. Cleardox is trained to find content within a wide variety of categories: names, addresses, locations, companies, rare diseases, social security numbers, emails, ship numbers and so on. You can also create your own categories. Cleardox is constantly learning and thus gets better and better each time a document is being redacted.

With Smart Replacement Cleardox automatically replaces the redacted word with a meaningful substitute (eg. James Hunt becomes Person 1). The proces happens automatically. Thus you do not have to decide whether a name should be replaced by "person 1" or "person 2". Once you are finished redacting the document, you can easily get an overview of what you have redacted. With Cleardox's simple drag-and-drop feature, you can easily edit the suggested content that Cleardox has made.


Cleardox´s collaboration module makes it easy to collaborate with other users. Make it easy to redact very large documents together with other users simultaneously.

With Cleardox's bulk redaction feature, you can easily redact multiple documents at once. The feature allows you to group documents into a single redaction case so that redaction occurs instantly across all documents

Cleardox’s open APIs allow for seamless integration of the Cleardox platform with your company's document management system. This means you can redact your documents in the system where you usually work without having to download the documents to your desktop first in order to upload it to Cleardox. At Cleardox, we are continually integrating with the most known document management systems. If we don't have the integration for your company's document management system, we can easily build it.

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