Documents are redacted in a secure environment and are impossible to recreate

With Cleardox´s software redaction tool you don´t need to worry about security. We provide an encryption system that works at both the client level and the document level. Our encryption process prevents any outside party from gaining access to your documents and guarantees you the highest level of security. 


What’s more, you don’t need to be concerned that your redacted content can be removed and recreated. Cleardox creates a whole new document and makes it impossible to restore the original document.

Cleardox protects your documents 

Cleardox ensures a high level of security to protect your company's documents. 

The three levels of security

We know that documents redacted in Cleardox are often highly sensitive and understand the serious damage a document leak can cause a company. That’s why Cleardox has implemented the highest level of security to protect your documents from cyber attacks. Our security incorporates the following 3 features:

1. A secure TLS connection from the Cleardox website to the Cleardox backend. 

2. A client-based encryption that ensures that each client has their own protected domain in Cleardox.

3. A document-based encryption that ensures that each document is protected with its own unique key.

Cleardox are redacting your documents in a safe and compliant cloud 

The documents redacted in Cleardox are often classified documents containing highly sensitive information.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) says that if you are using cloud-based services to store documents, you have the right to inspect the data centers. 


This is one of the reasons Cleardox has chosen to use the Google Cloud platform. 

​Google allows its customers to make physical inspections of its data centers. So, in using Cleardox to redact your documents, you are acting in accordance with GDPR.

Redacted parts cannot be removed once they’re redacted

Cleardox ensures that your redacted document cannot be restored, easing any concerns that others can restore your original document and read your sensitive information. 

Cleardox makes redaction easy with integrations


Cleardox’s open APIs allow for seamless integration of the Cleardox platform with your company's document management system. This means you can redact your documents in the system where you usually work without having to download the documents to your desktop first in order to upload it to Cleardox.

An open import API ensures that you can download the document directly into Cleardox and begin redacting. And an open export API means you also don't have to save the redacted document on your desktop before uploading it to your document management system. The API ensures that it moves directly back into your system.

An integration with Cleardox ensures that manual workflows are removed – less workflows, less clicks, less time. 


At Cleardox, we are continually integrating with the most known document management systems. If we don't have the integration for your company's document management system, we can easily build it.


Contact us today to learn more about our integrations.






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