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Our redaction tool is different from the market in three distinct ways: 

1.  Cleardox automatically find´s personal information in documents for you 

2. Offers the possibility to replace information instead of just black lining

3. Redacted documents remain completely irreversible 

Cleardox software redaction tool



Start by uploading your document to Cleardox


Easy to use

A deep focus on user experience is at the core of everything we do. It needs to be easy to use our redaction tool. No need for manuals or lengthy onboarding sessions.  

Upload dokument til Cleardox´s anonymiseringsværktøj
Intelligent software redaction tool automatically detects personal information
Automatically finds personal information

Cleardox is trained to find and highlight personal information from many different categories (names, emails, phone numbers etc.). 


Automatic redaction

Ensures the user captures all personal information. Less need for manual identification. It is faster and more secure as the risk of slip ups is significantly reduced. 

Our redaction software tool is fives times faster compared to manual redaction. Cleardox´s redaction tool uses a combination of simple logic and advanced machine learning (AI) to identify personal information in documents. In this way, Cleardox is constantly becoming better at identifying personal information everytime a document is being redacted.  


Our redaction software can automatically identify personal information within a wide range of categories such as names, social security numbers, mailadresses, locations, domain names, license plates and much more. Non-personal and confidential information such as company and government secrets can easily be redacted using our standard redaction features.


All in all, you don´t need to spend time manually identifying and redacting personal information. Leave that redaction process to Cleardox, so that you can spend time redacting information that requires specific judgement. 

Accept or reject

Cleardox´s redaction assistant guides you through the document and presents the information one by one. Easily accept or reject the information that Cleardox has found. 


Fast and secure redaction

When you accept something it will be redacted throughout the document at once. You don´t have to manually redact the same thing over and over again. Save time and redact at once. 

Userfriendly software redaction tool

Cleardox has automated 80-90% of the manual redaction process. Our tests shows that you become 5 five times faster at redacting documents when compared to manual redaction. 


When Cleardox has screened the document for personal information it is presented for the user. The user is guided through the document and it is easy to accept or reject the identified content one by one. 

You can easily see what you have allready redacted (marked by a light grey box) and what you still need to redact (dark grey) 

Replace or black line content

Cleardox offers the unique feature of replacing information. Maintain knowledge by replacing instead of black lining content when redacting. 


Maintain knowledge

No more manual replacement of information. "John" automatically becomes P1, Amazon becomes Com. 1 and os on. Cleardox makes it easy to maintain knowledge while staying compliant when redacting.

Replace or black line - cleardox software redaction tool

Redaction of documents can be performed by black lining content or by replacing information with something else (a name becomes P1, an email becomes email 1 etc.). In some cases you might want to redact information by black lining, and in other cases you might want to replace information in order to maintain the meaning of the document (for instance when you share knowledge with colleagues).  

Our software redaction tool makes it possible to do both. All you need to decide is whether the content should be redacted or not and Cleardox will take care of the rest. No need for side notes to keep track of what you have redacted and what replacements are made. Cleardox provide that overview. 

In addition, Cleardox automatically finds variations of entities (for instance names) and bundle them together. This ensures consistent redaction across the document.  

Overview of redacted content 

Get an overview of what you have redacted and easily relocate it in the document. With drag and drop you can easily edit and change your redactet content. 


Overview and fast approval proces

The overview provides a nice over overview of everything redacted. This makes it easy to review and our drag&drop feature makes it easy to make changes. 

Overview of redacted information in redaction tool

The overview is a nice tool when you redact information in documents. It makes it easy to see what content that has been redacted by means of black lining or replacement. It furthermore provides the user with potential documentation that can be shared to an external part.

When you redact content, Cleardox automatically groups the content together in the right redaction category. In addition, Cleardox redacts variations of the same name together to ensure that the name is replaced correctly throughout the document. 

From the overview menu you can easily make changes to the redacted content. Delete or move an entity to another category. For instance if a name has been placed as a company name rather than a person name. 

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