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Discover a new way to
anonymize documents


A collaborative anonymization tool designed to handle the anonymization process from start to finish

Cleardox software redaction tool



Support for multiple format: PDF, Excel, Word, Pictures. Maintain format on download.

Cleardox (26).png
Search for personal information

Direct and indirect personal identifiers are automatically identified and highlighted. 

Finders US_edited.jpg
Assisted Anonymization

Cleardox will guide you safely through the document. Black line or pseudonymization is your choice

Assisted US.png
Blackline US.png
Replace or black line content

Create your own pseudonymization logic. Maintain knowledge by replacing instead of black lining 

Person B.png
Seamless Collaboration

Send to review and work together with Cleardox Collaborate 

Collaborate US.png
Multiple Cases
A complete document management tool for your anonymization cases. Handle many cases. Anonymize in bulk. 
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