We are Cleardox

Cleardox is born out of the mission to build the world´s most intuitive and intelligent redaction software led by our overall purpose of protecting knowledge. 




Højbro Plads 10 

1200 Copenhagen 


Phone: +45 30 18 51 73




The idea behind Cleardox came from a business need from the largest Danish law firm, Kammeradvokaten / Poul Schmith. The idea became real when the three co-founders, Oliver, Christoffer and Sigurt, decided to launch a business around the idea, as it became obvious that no desireable solution existed on the market.  

Co-founder of Cleardox redaction tool - Oliver Fjellvang

Oliver Julius Byrch Fjellvang

CEO & Co-founder

Martin .jpeg

Martin Bech
Lead developer & Co-founder

Co-founder of Cleardox redaction tool - Christophr Stougaard Pedersen

Christoffer Stougaard Pedersen 

CTO & Co-founder