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When you anonymize and redact a document Cleardox will automatically replace the information with meaningful substitutes. 


This allows you to maintain knowledge as someone else can make sense of the document without exposing sensitive information.  

The substitutes are dependent on the category you have choosen. Therefore, make sure your entities are correctly categorized. 

  • Names: P1, P2 etc 

  • Company names: C1, C2 etc.

  • Email adresses: E1, E2 etc. 

  • Etc.

Before redaction

After redaction

Cleardox is an intelligent redaction tool. Cleardox will automatically group information together that it believes to be the same. For instance, Cleardox will group variants of a name together like Oliver and Oliver Fjellvang and replace them with the same pseudonym (Person A eg.) 

But like any human being, Cleardox can also make mistakes. In our example, more people can have the same name which should be anonymized differently. Or Cleardox could by mistake have categorized a name as a company name. 

Rest assured. This can easily be modified by using the drag drop feature in the side panel and in Fast Track. 

Fold out name

Drag down  


Cleardox has a predefined way it chooses to anonymize personal information. Names will by default be anonymized with P1, P2, P3 and so on. Email adresses will be anonymized with E1, E2, E3 and so on. 

But you can change the way Cleardox replaces information. Simply open Fast Track in the side panel and choose the category you would like to change. Perform your changes and Cleardox will save the changes and remember them next time you need to redact a document. 

When your change the way Cleardox anonymizes information you need to decide on a name + an order (1,23 or a,b or c). You don´t need both, but a least one of the boxes should be filled out.  For more details, please see our explainer video below

Se how it works in our video redaction tool tip

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